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Wind Turbines & Micro Grids

Not only is wind present almost everywhere on Earth, we also have precise information about where it blows most frequently and powerfully. 


It’s a question of availability: since it’s well known where the wind blows strongest, it’s possible to install wind farms based on our considerable awareness of the local conditions. The windier an area, the more energy it can produce, offsetting the costs of the initial investment.


Like many other renewable energy sources, wind power is also advantageous because it can be exploited using micro-grid solutions even in places where there is no connection to the electricity grid. You can implement your own micro grid by connecting your solar system to your neighbour's solar system and create a virtual power plant. 


The transformation of wind power into electricity has already reached impressive performance levels. Efficiency ranges from 40% to 50%: very close to the maximum theoretical level, which according to Betz’s law is 59%.

Installing a Wind Turbine by itself or in conjunction with solar panels with battery storage ensures 24/7 protection.

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Advenced inergies , wind turbines and micro grids
Advenced inergies , wind turbines and micro grids
Advenced inergies , wind turbines and micro grids

*This example shows two different types of battery storage.

*Below is a hybrid design that puts excess energy not stored or used back to the grid for compensation

*For Residential & Commercial Properties

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