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Retail Electricity

Retail electricity is the electricity that is sold to end-users by retail electric providers (REPs) or retail electricity suppliers (RES).


These entities buy electricity from the wholesale market, where electricity is generated by utility plants and other sources, and sold to electricity utility companies, competitive power providers, and electricity marketers.

Retail electricity prices include various charges for purchasing and delivering electricity to customers.

*For commercial property customers, we can add your home and your rental properties to your commercial contract so that they receive the same rate as the business!


Because they use more electricity commercial properties always get a better rate than residential properties!

We only operate in states with deregulated electricity!


Retail Electricity Products we offer :

Fixed Rate Electricity Plans: A fixed rate electricity plan charges the same rate per kWh of electricity for the term of your agreement. The price is the same no matter how much electricity you use. The only way your price will change is if there are changes in the delivery fees.

Fixed Rate X-Congestion Electricity Plans: A fixed rate x-congestion electricity plan charges the same raw energy rate per kWh of electricity, but there are components that can float with the market for the term of your agreement.

Variable Rate Electricity Plans: A variable rate electricity plan is a month-to-month electricity plan. Your rate can change every month. Your provider is required to publish the next month’s rate to give you notice of what rate you’ll pay.

Indexed Rate Electricity Plans: An indexed rate electricity plan is similar to a variable rate plan, in that your price will change on a regular basis. The difference between a variable rate plan and an indexed rate electricity plan is the formula. Indexed rate electricity plans are tied to a published market price, like the cost of natural gas.

advanced inergies Retail electricity

These are the components associated with the cost of the electricity you use from the grid. The other image explains the 2 charges on your electric bill.

advanced inergies Retail electricity
advanced inergies Retail electricity

Ask Questions or Request a Quote

Have questions? Feel free to reach out directly at:

advanced inergies Retail electricity

*Send us a copy of your electric bill, and just by allowing us to quote, you put yourself in a winning position because of the competition! You will either get the best rate from us... Or your current provider because they now have to compete with us, eitherway "YOU WIN"

advanced inergies Retail electricity

This image shows how much the market has changed within the last 5 years

*For commercial and residential properties

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